Cultural mediation

I am available for cultural mediation projects with various clienteles: children and adults.

Médiation culturelle « Si j’étais la mer ». Crédit photo : Jean-Michael Seminaro

À ma santé! Une éclaircie en temps de pandemie

À ma santé! Une éclaircie en temps de pandemie is a cultural mediation project in the health sector, carried out in 2021 in collaboration with the organization Action-Services aux proches aidants de Longueuil (ASAPAL). Fostering reflection on the experiences of caregivers and artistic experimentation, artistic workshops were offered to caregivers. Over the course of the meetings, they were led to create an artist’s book, reflecting their personal experience, particularly in relation to their relationship with their loved one, the emotions that inhabit them, their isolation in times of pandemic, the difficulties encountered in their role and the benefit of their experience. This artist’s book has become for each caregiver a bit like a roadmap relating their experience. This project was made possible thanks to the cultural development agreement between the city of Longueuil and the government of Quebec.