Artist Statement

I am a visual artist with a practice focused on painting, printmaking, photography and artist’s books. My approach is intuitive and experimental and I like to combine different techniques in order to establish an intuitive dialogue with my materials. Change, risk taking, construction and deconstruction are part of my process. I work in layers, and my work evolves depending on what happens or arises during the process.

The themes of environment, landscape and geology have always inspired me as they are imbued with life, movement, strength and fragility. This strength and fragility are found in the breath of the wind, the mystery of sea fog and the powerful tides which transport the flotsam and jetsam of the sea. Rock strata, abandoned coves and islands looming on the horizon also draw my gaze. I am particularly attracted to the ridges and grooves of rough rocks, the bark of trees, the intertwining of roots, and the earth’s furrows. These marks of natural transformation bear witness to the earth’s past and for me they represent the mystery, intimacy, and traces of the passage of time.

In my work, I explore my feelings and perceptions of current environmental issues by evoking nature with poetic license. I use various media to represent the intimacy of my connection with nature. Painting and collage leave room for spontaneity and intuition, photography allows me to keep a tangible trace of things that moves me, while printmaking captures a moment in time and collects an imprint of the creative process. The printing processes that I favour are photo engraving, collagraphy, drypoint and chine collé. My printing plates serve as a starting point for my compositions and I then establish relationships between different elements (text, photographic image and texture). Finally, I let myself be inspired by what appears and I react intuitively with abstract graphic forms in order to create a perceptive and poetic universe.